Institute for Dairy Technology

The IDT is an affiliate company of the Milk Producers Organisation focusing on transformation and capacity building through skills development programmes, mentorship and technology transfer to commercial and non-commercial farmers.

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Skills development training programmes

The IDT was established in 2003 and has since trained more than 16 000 farm workers and non-commercial farmers in dairy and livestock.  The IDT is an accredited AgriSeta training provider presenting skills development programmes in Animal Production Levels 1 – 4 (Provider Code: PAET 7675, ETQA ID 694).

Skills programmes consist of Unit Standards which form part of a learnership.  The skills programmes presented by the IDT had been identified as scares and critical skills in the Agri Sector. The presentation of the skills programmes is regulated by the AgriSeta and ETQA (Education and Training Quality Assessment).

Training is presented on farms or at agricultural institutions throughout South Africa.  The facilitators and assessors present the programmes in indigenous African languages or language of choice.  The skills programmes are five-day courses presented on a 30% theory and 70% practical demonstration basis.

Target groups for the training are:

  • Farmworkers/ employees of commercial dairy and/or livestock farmers
  • Non-commercial dairy and/or livestock farmers and employees

Skills Programmes:

Programmes US NO
Dairy Production
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Apply basic dairy production practices US 116207
Explain basic dairy husbandry practices US 116120
Explain dairy production cleanliness US 116110
Artificial Insemination
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Identify basic breeding practices for farm animals US 116107
Apply basic artificial insemination practices US 116215
Occupational Health and Safety and Code of Good Practice for Dairy Production
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Utilise health and safety principles in livestock en dairy production US 119447
Apply health and safety in livestock and dairy production and processing US 123172
Animal Husbandry
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Care for farm animals US 12587
Observe and handle animals US 116197
Livestock Handling I (Livestock Handling)
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Observe and handle animals US 116197
Administer livestock processing treatments US 116643
Observe and inspect animal health US 116074
Livestock Handling II (forms part of Feedlot Unit Controller)
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Explain the prevention and treatment of animal diseases US 116219
Determine feedlot mass US 116637
Implement animal health and bio-security US 16308
Understand feedlot environment US 116647
Demonstrate and understanding of feedlot feed ingredient and blends US 116653
Control feedlot production US 116649
Socio Economic Empowerment
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Identify, discuss, describe and compare major economic systems with emphasis on the SA economy US 13996
Demonstrate an understanding of agricultural production management practices in relation to the social-economic environment (Productivity) US 13357
Plan and manage personal finance US 15092
Tractor Maintenance
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Utilise and perform minor repair and maintenance tasks on implements, equipment and infrastructure US 116060
Drive a tractor US 116820

Dairy Occupational Qualification

The Dept of Education and Training is pivotal in their approach to training from skills development programmes and learnerships to an occupational career orientated programme.  This approach ensures career development and qualifications for individuals who were not in a position to obtain any tertiary qualifications but who have a platform of work experience within a specific discipline.

The AgriSeta and QCTO (Quality Council for Trade and Occupations) have appointed the MPO/IDT as the developing partner for the development of the dairy occupational qualification.  The curriculum was designed according to an agreed framework and specific requirements.  The dairy occupational qualification consists of three levels including the Dairy farm worker/assistant, Dairy farm supervisor/foreman and the Dairy herd manager. The curriculum includes modules on knowledge specifications, practical skills assessments and workplace experience.  The piloting of the curriculum project will take in the latter part of 2015 and the roll-out of the programme will commence in 2016.  The occupational qualification will replace the current skills development programmes.  Click HERE for the complete training booklet


The IDT manages dairy mentorship programmes and the goals for these programmes include:

  • Mentoring of emerging and developing farmers by experience commercial dairy farmers.
  • Mentoring focuses on specific areas including productivity, feed programmes and market entry.
  • Mentoring also introduces the mentee to various input providers and other roleplayers.
  • Mentoring to develop a sustainable farming enterprise.
  • Manager Institute for Dairy Technology
  • Helene Pheiffer
  • Jas Wasserman

The strategic core function of the MPO is to focus on sustainable dairy farming for all

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