Profitable and Competitive Dairy Farms

This department is headed by Bertus van Heerden, who holds a Master’s degree in agricultural economics. This division aims to influence the current and future business environment with a view to creating a robust and vibrant dairy farming industry with domestic and international growth opportunities for everyone.

Staying abreast of future developments regarding the ECONOMICS OF DAIRY PRODUCTION and trade and anticipating possible OPPORTUNITIES OR CHALLENGES will ensure that we understand what it MEANS TO THE FARMER and can include these in our objectives and ACTION PLANS.

The aim is to INCREASE FARM PROFIT through:

  • Optimisation;
  • Effective management of supplier and delivery contracts; and
  • Creating a dynamic producer price discovery mechanism.


In the era of information-driven economics and with the world’s finger on the fast-forward button, information on and insights into the market will be crucial to the dairy farmer and the broader value chain. We need to understand the price formation process between input suppliers and role players in the value chain and value chain profit allocation.

GROWING the market

We need to grow the market by replacing imported dairy products with locally produced products and by developing an export strategy. After all, if something is not growing, it is dying.


The strategic core function of the MPO is to focus on sustainable dairy farming for all

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