MPO Training Institute

The MPO Training Institute focuses on transformation, training and services to farmers. It is managed by Helene Pheiffer, who has an honours degree in Industrial Psychology and an MBA, and is supported by five permanent, accredited instructors, who provide nationwide onfarm training.

Skills Development Programmes 

AgriSeta Unit Standard-based accredited skills development programmes are presented on-farm to farmworkers of commercial farmers. The MPO Institute receives AgriSeta funding to present this service to farmers in the dairy, red meat and feedlot industries.

Dairy Occupational Qualification

The dairy occupational curriculum consists of the following three levels, all of which are required for the full qualification, although partial qualifications are also recognised:

  • dairy farmworker
  • dairy farm supervisor
  • dairy herd manager

These courses, funded by Milk SA, are presented on-farm or at training institutions, and preference is given to developing dairy farmers.

The MPO Training Institute provides students with access to workplace experience, intern ships, mentors and bursaries.

Annual Training Programme

The MPO can assist commercial farmers to claim 20% mandatory grants from the levies paid to SARS by administrating a dairy farm’s Annual Training Programme (ATP) for training completed and Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) for planned training in the next year.

Training Material Development

The MPO Training Institute is constantly working on developing new training material to meet the training needs of the South African agricultural industry.

The strategic core function of the MPO is to focus on sustainable dairy farming for all

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