MPO Training Institute

The MPO Training Institute provides students with access to workplace experience, internships, mentors and bursaries.

Annual Training Programme

The MPO can assist commercial farmers to claim 20% mandatory grants from the levies paid to SARS by administrating a dairy farm’s Annual Training Programme (ATP) for training completed and Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) for planned training in the next year.

Skills Development Programmes

AgriSeta Unit Standard-based accredited skills development programmes are presented on-farm to farmworkers of commercial farmers. The MPO Institute receives AgriSeta funding to present this service to farmers in the dairy, red meat and feedlot industries.

Dairy Occupational Courses

The dairy occupational curriculum consists of the following three levels, all of which are required for the full qualification, although partial qualifications are also recognised. Courses are scheduled annually per region and can be taken as separate modules, special or partial qualification or full qualification.


Contact Details

Helene Pheiffer at +27 (0)79 528 1394

Chantel Joubert at 012 843 5747
Jas Wasserman at 012 843 5743 or
082 490 2465 or



This complete guide written by Dr Jan du Preez and Dr Faffa Malan gives a clear breakdown of all the livestock diseases that occur in South Africa, together with indispensable advice on the recognition and treatment of and immunisation against these diseases. The book covers cattle, sheep and goat, equine, pig and poultry diseases. Each section is accompanied by an immunisation programme that refers to a list of vaccines that is also included in the book. The book is well-illustrated and all chapters include full-colour photographs that illustrate the various disease symptoms and bacteria involved. This highly sought-after publication is available from The MPO (Institute for Dairy Technology) in English or Afrikaans.

Students (new and existing dairy enterprise developers) attending the Dairy Production Management course at Orange Grove, Dundee. Dr Chris van Dijk (MPO’s CEO) is presenting Herd Health Management.