AgriSA to consult widely with the agricultural sector about the proposed national minimum wage

“AgriSA considers the labour force in the agricultural sector of critical importance” says Neil Hamman, chairperson of AgriSA’s labour policy committee. He was responding to the Deputy President’s announcement of the quantum of a national minimum wage (NMW) applicable to all sectors of the economy.

“While labour cost is a major cost driver, a contented labour force is equally essential for optimum production in the sector. Compromising the intricate balance between wages and the sustainability of farming enterprises will, however, result in unintended consequences such as job losses and mechanisation.”

“Given the vulnerability of the sector, AgriSA is calling for in-depth research and consultation with all agricultural role players, especially farmers in drought-stricken areas, those who face stiff international competition, as well as emerging farmers.” Press release.

Published on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 - 14:21