Dairy sustainability – economic profitability should not be the elephant in the room

The 10th South African Large Herds Conference will focus on the multiple challenges facing the South African dairy industry, ensuring the maintenance of internationally acceptable health and hygiene standards in both the primary and secondary industries and fostering the resilience, efficiency, expansion and profitability of our dairy sector in the local and international market. Dr Jude Capper, an independent livestock sustainability consultant based in the UK, will discuss the issue of economic sustainability on the farm on day two of the conference. According to Dr Capper sustainability is achieved by balancing environmental responsibility, economic viability and social acceptability, yet the consumer often believes that profitability should be less important to the farmer than other issues. Her  talk will examine the myth that achieving sustainability is possible in the absence of profitability, the effects of various practices on whole-system sustainability and future opportunities in an era of relatively low milk prices.

Published on Mon, 27th Mar 2017 - 12:15