Drought aid for producers in Northern and Western Cape

The severe drought prevailing in the Northern and Western Cape, specifically in Namaqualand and Bushmanland, demands action. NWK will, therefore, support an initiative by a group of producers from the Hoopstad region to collect and transport donations of maize. Clients can also now make donations of maize through NWK silos.

“Feed donations received from across the country by producers in North West in 2016 during one of the worst droughts ever are still fresh in our memories. This is an opportunity to rise to the occasion by assisting fellow producers in need. NWK will contribute a sum of R50 000 towards the logistics of delivering the grain to the various points” said Heinrich Krüger, NWK chairperson.

A delivery account for the Western and Northern Cape Drought Aid, with the account name ‘Wes- en Noord-Kaap-Droogtehulp’ (number X980422WND) was created and NWK’s producers can deliver against this as a donation to the drought aid.

Enquiries with regard to the delivery of the maize can be addressed to any of NWK’s silo managers. Press release

Published on Tue, 13th Jun 2017 - 08:07