Drought aid from abundance

In response to the devastating drought affecting sheep farmers in particular in the Northern and Western Cape, and more specifically in Namaqualand and Boesmanland, Grain SA launched a drought aid project on 1 June to assist all its grain-producing members. This follows an initiative by a group of farmers in the Hoopstad area who have collected donations of maize and transported them to farmers in distress.”It is extremely important to us that all farmers in need are assisted, regardless of race, gender or membership of organised agriculture,” said Jannie de Villiers, Chief Executive Officer of Grain SA. “We will try to collect at least 15 000 tons of white and/or yellow maize, distributed over approximately three to four months. We experienced the full severity of the drought last year and now we want to bless others with our abundance,” De Villiers said. To read more, click HERE.


Published on Thu, 15th Jun 2017 - 09:22