FNB Dairy Queen sets new record

Puttergill Goldwyn Sweetie of Puttergill Holsteins in the Eastern Cape set a new record by winning the dairy interbreed championships for the third consecutive year. She was crowned as the FNB Dairy Queen on Saturday, 15 October at the Agri-Expo Livestock, Sandringham.


Brett Puttergill of Puttergill Holsteins says their participation in the show is one of the highlights of their year.  “We are blessed that the same cow has won the championships for three consecutive years, which makes this show very special to us”, says Puttergill.  The whole Puttergill family is involved in the business. The MPO congratulates them on this achievement. Press release. Click HERE to read more

Published on Mon, 24th Oct 2016 - 09:09