Fonterra utilises dairy waste

Fonterra takes their sustainability strategy seriously, as “waste not, want not” is part of their business slogan. However, the proof is in the pudding. The company recently decided to utilise new innovative wastewater treatment technology at their site in Edendale to turn dairy waste into fertiliser. The cooperative’s southernmost site has produced a fertiliser product from the microbial treatment of wastewater.

Tests show the treatment has created some of the most nutrient-rich dairy-derived fertiliser in the country. This fertiliser is proving a hit with farmers.  “Our manufacturing process produces wastewater that contains dairy solids. We use microbes to consume those solids which in turn produce a dense liquid. Thanks to new technology in the plant we are now able to decant that liquid into a rich fertiliser that is producing exceptional results on pasture”, explained Fonterra Environmental Manager, Ian Goldschmidt. To read more about this, click HERE.

Published on Mon, 6th Feb 2017 - 08:56