MPO Milk Bulletin 24 November 2017



Milk production remains high

During the first ten months of 2017, 2 547 million litres of milk were delivered to dairies, 2,1% more than during the same period last year. Earlier calving, the more favourable milk-to-feed price ratio, the availability of roughage and fewer disease-related problems than in 2016 all contributed to the increase in production. Milk intake in October is estimated at 320 million litres, 5% more than in October 2016. Monthly actual and estimated milk intake is published by Milk SA after evaluation and approval by the Industry Information Workgroup, a group in which the MPO, Sampro and Milk SA are represented.

 Farmers struggle to get diesel rebates from Sars

Delays with the auditing and refunding of diesel fuel rebates seriously affect farmers’ cash flow. At the recent meeting of Agri SA’s Economics and Trade Centre of Excellence, farmers complained about delays in refunding diesel rebates. Sars insists on comprehensive records that indicate specific actions when auditing a farmer’s application for a rebate.  Agri SA has requested farmers who encounter specific problems with diesel rebate refunds to provide details, including the applicable reference numbers. This information can be sent to

Land Bank drought relief scheme

The Land Bank has launched a financing scheme for farmers in specific drought-stricken areas. The scheme provides soft loans to these farmers to enable them to recover from the effects of the drought. Click HERE for a presentation on this scheme.

Outstanding achievements at World Cheese Awards

Eleven South African cheeses were judged the winners at the 30th annual World Cheese Awards in London. They certainly stood out from the crowd as over 3 000 entries were judged in a single day at Tobacco Dock on Friday, 17 November.
Dalewood Huguenot from Dalewood Fromage, sponsored by Agri Expo, has been named the Best South African Cheese and came joint third overall in this year’s competition. Dalewood also received a gold award for another entry.
Belnori Boutique Cheesery walked away with four awards – two bronze, one silver and one gold and Parmalatwith a bronze and silver award. Klein River Cheese and Meze Foods each received a silver award while Langbaken Cheese received a bronze award.
With entries from a record-breaking 35 different countries judged at the 30th anniversary edition of the World Cheese Awards, which formed part of this year’s Taste of London Festive Edition, these cheese producers shone a spotlight on South African cheese on this truly international stage.
The MPO is proud of their outstanding achievements and congratulates them!
Watch the video HERE.

Spotlight on National Animal Health Forum

The National Animal Health Forum (NAHF) was established in 2006 by a group of concerned veterinarians and animal production groups.  There was a need for a forum where veterinarians and various animal production groups could liaise with government about matters relating to animal disease control.  The Animal Health Forum meets regularly with the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries. The agenda of the National Animal Health Forum meetings contains topics of discussion that vary from the Veterinary Strategy Plan and the northern livestock border fence to diseases such as brucellosis, bovine tuberculosis, ovine Johne’s disease, African horse sickness, bovine malignant catarrhal fever and peste des petits ruminants.  Milk SA, the MPO and Sampro are playing an active role in the NAHF. Please visit the NAHF’s website at and have a look at their activities.

Water & Waste Information Day for KwaZulu-Natal farmers

Dairy farmers in KwaZulu Natal are invited by the MPO and WWF to a Water & Waste Information Day at the Association Hall on Thursday, 30 November from 09:30 to 13:00.
The programme includes step-by-step guidance to slurry dam registration and a practical guide to selecting and installing water meters. Click HERE for the programme.
RSVP to Sue Viljoen by 24 November at or 033 343 1464. For more information, contact Barbara Bieldt at or 012 843 5600.

Advice on amended Agri B-BEE sector code

Cabinet recently approved the proposed amendments to three B-BBEE sector codes, including the one for agriculture. The amended sector codes will be gazetted by the Minister of Trade and Industry shortly.
For advice on the implications of the amended Agri B-BEE sector code on dairy farmers, click HERE.


Fonterra’s milk output up 

New Zealand dairy group Fonterra announced that its domestic milk output was 3% higher in October compared to 2016. The increase in production is expected to have a negative effect on international dairy product prices. Fonterra stated: “Weather conditions improved towards the latter part of the month (pushing up production).”
Global dairy prices increased in the second quarter, but have been volatile since. To read more, click HERE.


Tips for treating mastitis

Senior associate director of dairy professional veterinary services at Boehringer Ingelheim, Linda Tikofsky, shared tips for using cultures to identify and treat mastitis based on the pathogen. Follow the following four principles:

  • Take a sample before the cow is treated;
  • culture the sample;
  • treat according to results; and
  • use a narrow-spectrum antibiotic.

To read more, click HERE.


Schedule your dairy farm training now
Helene Pheiffer, training manager at the MPO, urges milk producers to schedule their dairy farm training as soon as possible. The Institute for Dairy Technology is continuously updating its schedule of training programmes for 2017. Their courses, some of which form part of Milk SA projects, are aimed at dairy farm workers and supervisors. Click HERE for details of the training programmes offered. Please contact Chantel Joubert at 012 843 5747 or send an e-mail to  or Jas Wasserman at 082 490 2465 or send an e-mail to for assistance and/or to book a five-day course.


Take part in our competition

Do you know how much milk was supplied in South Africa in September 2017? Put your knowledge to the test and stand a chance to win. A winner will be announced every month and there are several prizes to be won. After 12 draws, a national winner will be announced at the MPO’s 2018 gala dinner. Click HERE for more information and instructions on how to enter.

KwaZulu-Natal water stewards rise to the challenge

Karkloof farmers rose to the top in the Intelact Water Stewardship Award competition for water-wise dairy farming on 30 August, with Karkloof father-and-son team Bruce and Peter Goble from Triandra Farm walking off with the title, and nearby farmers Bruce, Walter and Shaun Mackenzie from Hawkstone Farm coming a close second. To read more, turn to page 39 of the November issue of The Dairy Mail. To read the digital copy of TDM, go to

Disclaimer: The MPO Milk Bulletin is compiled from sources deemed reliable. However, the publisher accepts no responsibility for any errors or the effect of any decisions based on this publication.
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Philip Swart
MPO manager of member services

Published on Fri, 24th Nov 2017 - 11:38

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