Strong agricultural growth expected to alleviate poverty

Simpiwe Somdyala, General Manager of Corporate Affairs at Old Mutual, said:  “Agricultural growth is a powerful catalyst for inclusive growth and socioeconomic transformation. A thriving agricultural sector has the potential to create jobs, stimulate savings, reduce poverty, lessen inequality, boost intra-African trade and, of course, improve food security. With scaled-up support and strong collaboration between the government and the private sector, it should be possible to create 1 million new jobs in agriculture by 2030. That translates into several million children lifted out of poverty over the next 12 to 13 years.”

Somdyala shared his views on 15 May 2017 before the start of the 51st Nampo Harvest Day, which was held outside Bothaville from 16 to 19 May 2017.

As a group that committed almost R1 billion to sustainable agriculture in 2016, Old Mutual and its sister company Old Mutual Insure (previously Mutual & Federal) combined forces to showcase their support for the agriculture sector at the Nampo Harvest Day.

“Old Mutual is committed to strengthening and unleashing the outstanding growth potential of this sector by developing an ecosystem of collaboration and support in the entire agriculture value chain, from the farmers and their employees to their suppliers, processors and distributors”, added Somdyala. Press release.


Published on Mon, 29th May 2017 - 09:12