Bertus van Agri Inspec op GrootPlaas

2017-06-16 Helene op GrootPlaas

2017-06-16 Koos op GrootPlaas

2017-06-30 Chris op GrootPlass oor SALHC

Nation in conversation – Focus on milk industry

Dr Koos Coetzee on conditions in the local and international dairy industries

Aidan Bomford – Lessons learned from farming in a drought

Nicky Weimar – Economic overview and outlook

Dr Jude Capper – How do we maintain dairy sustainability in an ever-changing world

Jannie Putter – How to build a team on your farm (Afrikaans)

Leon Kruger, ARC – Health management of milk goats

Donald Mouton of Fairview talking on basic management of dairy goats

Philip Swart speaks about Alfa show

SALH 2015: Guy Williamson

SALH 2015: Nanaga Farm

Dr Willem Schultheis – How are adult dairy cow health & business sustainability linked

SALH 2015: JK Basson

The strategic core function of the MPO is to focus on sustainable dairy farming for all

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