Welcome to AgriInspec

The mission of Agri Inspec is to play a major role in the stabilization of the Southern African Agricultural economy which suffers the negative effects of trade irregularities and to work towards a crime free Agricultural trade environment in Southern Africa.

We strive to accomplish our objectives of this mission through our core values of Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Loyalty, Reliability and Transparency

The company has extensive expertise in the field of forensic investigations and market protection and also specialises in matters relating to international trade remedies.

Our objectives are: To maintain Agri Inspec’s bona fides as a partner in law enforcement and quality control, in accordance with the Government’s request for Private Public Partnerships. To protect the interests of clients and respective industries served by the company. To deploy networks at all major ports of entry in Southern Africa in order to verify legitimacy of import / export transactions. To assist with training programs of government officials in order to minimize illegal activities and general trade irregularities, and to achieve optimal results to the benefit of clients and sponsors.


Agricultural Market Protection

Agricultural Market Protection via -Research, -analyses and –trends
Agri Inspec offers agricultural market protection through market research, analysis and trends.

A market needs to be researched to enable us to do a thorough analysis of the market and establish trends within such a market. This information is a handy tool in managing agricultural markets.

Illegal Import Investigation

Agri Inspec is in the position to monitor Agricultural commodities and Biochemical imports. Through the information gathered at various ports of entry, irregularities in imports, such as under declaration of duties and taxes, the situation can be monitored and if necessary the Authorities involved will be notified for further action.

International Investor Analysis Service

This service was established to promote international investment into South Africa. A thorough investigation is launched into a market of interest of our potential investor. This market research will indicate the viability of such an investment. A full report on the matter is send to the client to provide him with the opportunity to make an informed decision.

Quality Assurance

As food quality and safety is of such high importance, Agri Inspec developed protocols to ensure the quality and safety of our food from the moment it is planted or bred and fed on the farm until it reaches your table.

Tariff Control and Economic Desk

This service includes applications to ITAC as far as tariff control is concerned. We also have the capacity to do full economic analyses of a specific agricultural commodity to ensure our local markets stay protected against “dumping” of such commodities into the South African market, which has a direct effect on the local economy.


Personnel and their Contact Numbers

Bertus van Heerden
(Managing Director)

083 300 3667 (C)

Jan Brits
(Senior Manager Forensic Investigations)

084 802 3842 (C)

Johann Barnard
(Manager Forensic Investigations)

082 828 0388 (C)

2nd Floor Cotton SA Building
86 Watermeyer Street
Val de Grace
Pretoria 0184

PO Box 1284 / Posbus 1284
Pretoria 0001

Tel: +27 (0)12 843 5630
Fax: +27 (0)12 804 4801
E-Mail : info@agriinspec.co.za


Due to the confidentiality requirements of the clients we serve, the names of organisations cannot be divulged.

Industries served by Agri Inspec include:
Food and beverage Industries
Bio chemical industries
Dairy Producers Industry,
Poultry industry
Red Meat Producers industry
Pork Producers industry
The Sugar industry
Namibian Management Services (NMS)
Namibian Dairy- Miiling, Agronomic and Meat industries
Tea Industry, Maize industry
Seed Industry
Edible Oil industry
Garlic Growers industry
Individual Animal feed manufacturers
VPRA (United States)
NADF (Zimbabwe),
Cotton industry
Milling industry (Swaziland),

Departments of Health/Agriculture/Trade & Industry
Directorate of Public Prosecutions