Invitation To Milk Processors To Participate In School Milk Day Celebrations 2017

Milk processors in South Africa are invited to participate in School Milk Day celebrations in 2017 which will be a collaborative effort between the Milk Producers’ Organisation (MPO), National School Nutrition Project (NSNP), Department of Basic Education (DBE), Milk SA Consumer Education Project (CEP). This is the first time that the mentioned organisations will work together as a team in the planning, organising, and execution of School Milk Day celebrations.

The aim of the celebrations is to increase awareness of where milk comes from  – the process from the farm to the fridge, the nutritional benefits of the product and the importance of including dairy in a balanced diet.

An important part of the campaign is the distribution of milk, amasi or yogurt sponsored by milk processors to school children at participating schools. Quizz competitions will also be held at the relevant schools with the winners receiving dairy products as prizes.

Below is a summary of important information pertaining to participation in an event in one of the Provinces.

  1. Theme of School Milk Day celebrations (SMD) 2017
    1. The main theme of SMD celebrations 2017 is:
      1. Milk gives you go
    2. The following two supportive messages are to be used together with the main theme:
      1. Milk, amasi or yogurt every day help to make healthy and smart children.
      2. Support local dairy farmers.
    3. The following short nutritional messages indicating why milk is important for growing children are to be included:
      1. Calcium for strong bones and teeth.
      2. Protein for growth and muscle development.
      3. Many nutrients to maintain a healthy body.
  2. Development of educational material for SMD celebrations
    1. Milk SA’s CEP will supply the educational material for the children and teachers for use in preparation for the event.
  3. Main SMD celebration in Western Cape
    1. The date of the event is 27 September 2017. DBE still has to:
      1. finalise the venue; and
      2. number of children and teachers involved.
  4. Provincial SMD
    1. Events will be held from 1 to 29 September 2017 in the different provinces where participation of milk processors could be secured by the MPO. DBE will facilitate the following:
      1. The identification of schools in close proximity to participating processors in each province;
      2. Liaison with the relevant staff at the schools;
      3. The supply of relevant material to the schools;
      4. Briefing of teachers with the support of Milk SA CEP educational material; and
      5. Arranging of competition at participating schools.
  5. Media coverage of events
    1. The team agreed on the following:
      1. The MPO will communicate details about the events to its media list, including the South African Agricultural Writers.
      2. The MPO will alert and invite its media contacts to the events.
      3. The MPO will communicate details before and after the events through its weekly electronic newsletter and The Dairy Mail.
      4. The creation of a Facebook page dedicated to the events and the use of twitter will be explored by the MPO and DBE.

Based on the above the MPO will appreciate your participation in a School Milk Day celebration in your province. You can indicate the maximum number of products your company is prepared to sponsor and if you are willing to sponsor dairy product prizes – about four – for winners of the competition.

I will follow up on this letter with a telephone call to discuss the matter further and to answer any questions.


Kind regards

Barbara Bieldt
Manager Market Protection and Promotion
Tel no: 012 843 5600
Cell no: 083 235 2629
Email address:

The strategic core function of the MPO is to focus on sustainable dairy farming for all

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