The Dairy Mail progressive web application is now live!


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20 MAY 2020

Everyone will agree that digital marketing has taken the world by storm. The Dairy Mail team has researched various platforms at length to evolve our digital strategy and integrate our print and digital product offering. The launch of The Dairy Mail‘s progressive web application is just the next step in our journey to automated marketing and will enable advertising to the right audience at the right time far more effectively.

The Dairy Mail application

The current restrictive circumstances turbo-charged our growth phase and the development team built the application and populated it with the May issue in 40 lockdown days. We often joke that we “built our ark in 40 days while it was raining”. With that we imply that the development will be a continuous process, as digital technology is ever-changing.

This digital platform allows us and our advertising partners to have a more unique and individual relationship with our each of our readers. It takes the creativity, strategy, and experience of our marketing and public relations team and extends their capabilities and capacity. Digital integration can be as simple as triggering an auto-generated response or viewing a video. Conversely, it may be vastly detailed and complex, guiding each reader through to a personalised and suitable marketing treatment based on branching logic and advanced conditional rules centred around the reader’s data profile and their engagement with the application or campaign. The purpose is to enhance the reader’s experience through artificial intelligence.

Install the application

Simply type this URL ( in your web browser (your preferred application to access or search websites). When the home page appears, you will have the opportunity to add the application to your home screen. This will enhance the viewing experience and let the application live and run on your mobile device. On an iPhone device, the option to save to your home screen will be the middle icon on the white banner at the bottom of the home page that resembles an envelope with an up arrow. On an android device, it will be a blue icon with a plus and a house pictogram on the bottom left corner of the screen. Now access the article that you would like to read …

… because keeping you informed is our passion!

Published on Tue, 26th May 2020 - 11:21

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