Dairy bacteria detecting software developed

University College Dublin (UCD) and top dairy firms have launched a three-year Innovation Partnership program to develop software that rapidly detects bacteria during production.

The $1.9m Enterprise Ireland and industry funded program, Sequencing Alliance for Food Environments (SAFE), aims to develop a predictive software toolbox to enhance food quality and safety approaches, nationally and with global reach, using environmental intelligence data.

The SAFE program  is a partnership between the UCD Centre for Food Safety; six leading food and nutrition companies; Dairygold, Dawn Farm Foods, Glanbia, Kerry, Mead Johnson Nutrition and Nutrition Supplies; and Creme Global, suppliers of predictive intake modelling software.

Food manufacturing and processing facilities contain millions of bacteria, most of which are neither harmful to food nor to human health. However, a food quality and food safety risk is triggered when harmful bacteria, which can spoil food or pose a threat to health, enter food production facilities.

Current methods used to control such bacteria are neither rapid nor specific. They also use large amounts of energy, water and chemicals, none of which are sustainable or environmentally friendly. Click HERE to read more.

Published on Mon, 16th May 2016 - 11:42