MPO North West sets new School Milk Day record!

MPO North West set a new record by reaching a total of 21 065 schoolchildren during its annual School Milk Day celebrations for 2016. The events for the year were concluded on 25, 26 and 27 October at six schools in Schweizer-Reneke and 10 schools in Lichtenburg.   The schools in Schweizer-Reneke were paid a visit by Johan and Theodore Scribante, regional coordinator Benita Oelofsen and Bessie the cow. Milk sponsored by Clover was distributed to 1 000 pupils from grades R to 7 with the help of Stear Goosen of Dagbreek Melkery. Presentations about where milk comes from and why it is important for children to include dairy products in their diets were made by Johan Scribante.

Vice-chairman of the Lichtenburg branch, Gawie Pretorius, and Benita Oelofsen visited 10 schools in Lichtenburg and distributed milk sponsored by Clover to 3 000 pupils.

MPO North West thanks all sponsors, dairy farmers and others who contributed to the success of these events.


Published on Mon, 7th Nov 2016 - 10:01