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With Rediscover Dairy you can stay up to date with news about the health and nutrition benefits of dairy. Every quarter Rediscover Dairy will share what industry experts and scientists have to say about the goodness of dairy.

Milk and plant-based alternatives

Plant-based eating patterns are gaining popularity. But what is the effect of replacing cow’s milk with so-called plant-based milk alternatives?

Milk alternatives are plant-based beverages such as almond, soy, and rice milk. Consider the possible impact on health by reading more about how the nutritional composition of these milk alternatives compares with that of cow’s milk. Click the image above to read more.


Is milk a quality source of protein?

Protein is being hailed as the ‘nutrient of the decade’ as it contributes not only to muscle building but also to satiety, weight management, bone health and healthy aging. Is milk a source of good-quality protein?

Milk contains around 3.5 g protein per 100 ml. Because of its ratio of essential amino acids, milk protein is regarded as ‘complete’ protein. It has a higher bioavailability than protein from plant sources, which means milk packs a big punch when it comes to your protein needs. Click the image above to read more.


Lactose intolerance and dairy

Lactose intolerance is uncomfortable. But do you have to give up dairy because of it?   Lactose intolerance is not a milk allergy, but rather a gastrointestinal disturbance due to the inability to digest lactose, the sugar naturally found in milk and milk products. Don’t let lactose intolerance prevent you from having milk and dairy as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Click the image above to read more.


Can dairy help protect against cancer?

About a third of common cancers can be prevented by making informed lifestyle choices. Choose dairy as part of a healthy, balanced diet and to help you maintain a healthy weight. Read more about how choosing dairy can help to prevent cancer. Click the image above to read more.


What do young consumers have to say?

The CEP of Milk SA conducted focus group discussions among young consumers in the LSM 6–8 bracket in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Western Cape. We share what they said in the next issue of Rediscover dairy.


Published on Fri, 6th Oct 2017 - 21:51

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