Tips to curb lameness

Have you ever noticed that problems with lameness increase during autumn and that foot problems affect your cows when they are at peak production? According to international hoof care consultant Karl Burgi this is not a coincidence. Burgi stated:  “The cows are telegraphing that they experienced a period of stress earlier – usually about four to six weeks before you see lameness set in.” Burgi owns Dairyland Hoof Care Institute in the US and trains hoof trimmers in addition to consulting with persons involved with dairy herds all over the world. He believes that cows around the globe can have healthier hoofs which impacts on their general health and that properly balanced feet contributes to low-stress living.

Burgi identified heat stress, cows standing for too long and transition as the three primary factors that can trigger lameness. According to him heat stress definitely affects the feet because cows stand when trying to cool off. For useful tips to curb lameness, click HERE.

Published on Thu, 11th May 2017 - 12:12